Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The management of TRADTEC, which provides TECHNICAL AND CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS, hereby states that quality is a permanent goal in all company activities.


TRADTEC uses its communication channels to provide its translators and collaborators with best practice guidelines to guarantee top-quality service.


TRADTEC management hereby undertakes to establish, implement and update a quality policy for strategic management support  for achieving the following:


  • Successfully responding to our clients’ requests and expectations.
  • Complying with all legal, regulatory and official requirements applicable to our business activity.
  • Guaranteeing the confidentiality and protection of personal data.
  • Ensuring all employees acquire the training required to efficiently perform their functions and tasks.
  • Continuously improving our performance level.
  • Preventing and minimizing process risks.


This policy is the basis of our quality management system, which has been developed by establishing measurable goals that are periodically reviewed as established in the system to provide evidence of continuous improvement.

To this end, management shall equip the organization with the technical, economic and human resources required to comply with this policy, which shall be reviewed annually to verify its suitability for achieving the established goals in accordance with the company’s context and purpose.

This quality policy has been made available to our employees and collaborators, and the required measures have been taken to ensure it is understood and implemented. It is also available for consultation by all interested parties.

To effectively apply these principles, the support of management, the department directors and entire company staff is absolutely necessary.

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